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Indústria Tecnologia da informação
Ano de fundação 2007
Número de funcionários de 100 funcionários

How it started

JScrambler was created by AuditMark, a web security company in Porto, Portugal. In 2009, while developing a web traffic audit mechanism that was JavaScript dependent, we realized there was a need for client-side code protection. Since there were no obfuscation products like JScrambler available, we met the need and created it ourselves.

The technology

Most products designed to protect JavaScript rarely go beyond simple regular expression transformations. However, JScrambler is a JavaScript interpreter and parsing engine that creates an Abstract Syntax Tree representing your source code. Because JScrambler understands your JavaScript, it secures your HTML5 and JavaScript in a way that the protected code executes with the same functionality as the source. This approach allows the product to be easily and affordably maintained, enabling it to evolve naturally and providing it with the ability to produce enterprise-class security and anti-debugging methods.

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